Krystal Vision


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This morning, a radicalized American Al-Qaeda/ISIS cell attacked the United States' underground, storage facility commonly referred to as the Labyrinth in Pennsylvania and gained entrance. The terrorists plan to steal the Social Security records and distribute them to Al-Qaeda and ISIS operatives around the world. With their new identities, terrorists will then be able to infiltrate all levels of U. S. operations. If they succeed, the United States will be destroyed.

The government is scrambling to protect the records. But the terrorists have firmly entrenched themselves in the impregnable facility (the Labyrinth) and are holding hostages.




Krystal Scent


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Beautiful, wealthy, and brilliant Karen Krystal is still wrestling with the assassination of her father when her aunt and uncle are killed and her beloved cousins are maimed by terrorists.

The head of US Homeland Security convinces Karen to join the intelligence community; and she is immediately thrown into the middle of a twisted, terrorist plot. Her assignment takes her to Paris to devise a way to thwart the impending terrorists' scheme of horror, devastation, and death.

Somehow, the terrorists are informed of Karen’s every move. They kidnap her and set their plan in motion. At risk is the life of Lillia, an innocent little girl trapped with no way to escape. Karen has to draw on her past Olympic training, her new counterterrorist schooling, and her superhuman senses to wage war against the murderous terrorists attempting to escape through the underground mines and catacombs of Paris. Time is running out to protect France and save Lillia’s life.


Krystal Touch


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Karen Krystal, a member of US National Intelligence, is recuperating in the American Hospital in Paris where she is being guarded by French National Intelligence. A nurse delivers a mysterious postcard that forces Karen to escape her confinement, shed all affiliation with US and French National Intelligence organizations, and discover the meaning behind the cryptic message.

By going rogue, she forces both National Intelligence organizations to embark on a pursuit to neutralize her. This now adds to the continuing efforts of the WM2 and ISIS terrorist organizations to end her life. Her quest takes her from Paris, to India, to the United States, to Guatemala, to Belize, to Turkey, to Syria, and finally to Greece.

She uses her Piper Apache Geronimo, a B550 private jet, a cruise ship, a high-powered speedboat, a US military Hummer and a hang glider to assist her in attempting to stop a terrorist scheme to completely destroy a European country. Karen executes her plan with wild abandon, relying solely on her heightened senses for survival.





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Emotionally flawed but genius scientist Jon Argus, confined to a rundown, orbiting space station knows that death will come to tens of thousands, millions will become homeless, scores will be forced into bankruptcy, and the surface of the earth and beneath, including its fragile ecosystems, will become unrecognizable; but only his twelve-year-old daughter believes his prediction.

A manmade event will cause the crust of the earth to shift and move Greenland, Antarctica, and the polar ice caps to the Equator. The rotation will accelerate ice melt, reform the continents, and transport the earth’s mantle and Magnetic North 90° south—endangering humanity. A mysterious enemy, whose goal is to capitalize on the impending catastrophe, suddenly surfaces, and to insure the warning is concealed from the world, activates a plan to kill Argus’s ex-wife and daughter.

Argus has to conquer his emotional demons, convince the world of the imminent cataclysm, escape the sabotaged space station, and save his family before the unthinkable happens.