krystal vision cover-resized.jpgThis morning, a radicalized American Al-Qaeda/ISIS cell attacked the United States’ underground, storage facility commonly referred to as the Labyrinth in Pennsylvania and gained entrance. The terrorists plan to steal the Social Security records and distribute them to Al-Qaeda and ISIS operatives around the world. With their new identities, terrorists will then be able to infiltrate all levels of U. S. operations. If they succeed, the United States will be destroyed.

The government is scrambling to protect the records. But the terrorists have firmly entrenched themselves in the impregnable facility (the Labyrinth) and are holding hostages.

There is only one person who can find a stealth way into the Labyrinth — Karen Krystal, the beautiful, athletic, Martial-Arts-trained, brilliant architect and designer of the underground, security system. The President of the United States calls her to the White House and asks for her assistance to break into the terrorist-held facility. However, Homeland Security believes Karen’s involved with the terrorists — they infiltrated too easily. They don’t trust her, and they have her watched.

In order for Karen to vindicate herself, she must find a "backdoor" into the cave system, protect the United States from Al-Qaeda/ISIS, save the hostages, and sacrifice her life to free her sister — all before the government-organized, counter assault begins that will destroy all the records, the terrorists, and the hostages including her sister.  

Karen has to evade myriad attacks from varied hostile sources attempting to stop her from succeeding. She cannot trust anyone, and it’s a race against time.